Express Entry

Express EntryExpress entry is a program that selects skilled workers to Canada. Eligible candidates are approved in 6 months or less.

Express Entry rather than being a new immigration program, it is a way to manage how skilled immigrants are selected to apply for immigration to Canada.

Express Entry works as a database, called EXPRESS ENTRY POOL, on which eligible candidates are accepted if they qualify for one of the following Federal programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trade Worker
  • Canadian Experience Class

It is mandatory to have a good proficiency in either English or French, both official languages of Canada. In order to proof your proficiency, you and / or your spouse (if applicable) has to take an IELTS Test (available all over the world as well as in Canada) or CELPIP (only available in Canada). Both tests have to be “General Training”. Academic versions of these tests are not accepted.

If you have foreign education, it is also recommended getting your Education assessed in Canada by one of the institutions designated by CIC, which will enable you to award points for education.
Immigrants accepted into Express Entry pool will receive a score based on a points system called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which takes into consideration age, education, experience, proficiency in at least one of the official languages (English or French), and Canadian experience. Your points goes from 0 to 600. If you have a spouse, both profiles will be taken into consideration.
If you have support from an employer via a process called LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment* or, if you were nominated by a province, you will get an extra 600 points.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will, on a regular basis, select eligible candidates from the pool based on the TOP Ranking Candidates, according to the total of points assigned in the CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System.
Once you are selected, you will receive what is called an ITA – “Invitation to Apply”. After receiving an ITA, you will have 60 days to either send your complete application package or decline the invitation.

The application package will be based on one of the programs you qualify, in case you qualify for more than one.
Once your application is submitted, CIC will assess your application in 6 months or less. During the process you may be invited for an interview to provide additional information. You may be requested to perform a medical examination as well.

If approved, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence from CIC – Citizenship Immigration Canada. Your process ends when you enter Canada as a new immigrant, which is called “Landing”. If you are already in Canada, you have to exit and re-enter, which is called “Flag Poling”.

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